3 Secrets To Sales Success | Dave Allred

In this week’s episode, Jefferson Rogers is joined by 8-figure sales leader and real estate investor, Dave Allred. Dave reveals the three necessary skill sets in the door-to-door industry that will make anyone successful in sales. From the importance of opportunity creation to being a lifelong student, these two discuss the key steps to transition … Read more

The Steps To Effective Self-Investing | Blake Norton & Jared Everett

This week Jefferson welcomes back Blake Norton and Jared Everett to break down the steps to effective self-investing. These three speak on their personal parenting strategies and the impact of negativity in one’s environment. From family dynamics to personal gain, they unveil impactful stories covering the power of the mind, taking action, and proximity to … Read more

Start Small, Think Big, Scale Fast | Blake Norton & Jared Everett

In this pilot, Jefferson Rogers brings on JKR Windows team members, Blake Norton and Jared Everett, to discuss their impactful stories of paying it forward throughout their careers and day-to-day life. From real estate investing to door-to-door sales, they will touch on some of the topics that will be covered throughout this podcast. Be sure … Read more